The best way to get absolutely anything done is to just get started, even if all it means at the moment is taking baby steps and figuring things out one day at a time. I understand the excitement that comes from envisioning great things, but I am also familiar with feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed.

When I left corporate 2 years ago, I honestly had no clear blueprint of how my life was going to be like professionally. What was clear to me was that I wanted to start my own company. I’ve had 10 years of Sales, Business and Capability Development experience under my belt, and I knew I wanted to continue empowering people, at the same time set up a retail business. How I was going to turn this vision into reality wasn’t exactly crystal clear, but if there was anything that propelled me to move forward, it was my constant fear of inaction.

Equipped with this mustard seed of an idea partnered with a lot of faith and resilience, I slowly started creating my training modules and one by one, reached out to SMEs all the way up to multi national companies and distributor partners to offer my services, most of which I had little to no connection whatsoever. After weeks which turned into months of recurring pitches, I gradually built a portfolio of clients I couldn’t be more privileged to work with. This journey has in fact only just begun, as I have more milestones to achieve and challenges to conquer, in order to bring my consultancy company to greater heights.

Then enter my retail company start up dream. I’ve always wanted to have my own brand that creates products, which reflect my personal style and values. Overwhelmed with what exact product to create, I decided to zoom in on some core lifestyle guidelines I live by – simplicity with elegance and substance. With these to guide me, I decided to create a bag line that embraces simplification at its most stylish. I partnered with one of the most passionate crafter I know and started designing my first bag collection under my self named brand. The bag, called Josefina, named after my amazing mom, was launched online very recently. I decided to leverage on E commerce, being the fastest growing channel of distribution. Despite my extensive sales experience in consumer goods, selling my own brand online and owning all the processes from beginning till end, is a totally new journey for me. And I am loving the learning process. I will share my key takeaways and some replicable processes in another article, which can hopefully inspire and enable a fellow dreamer.

As I continue building both my companies, I constantly strengthen my mind and spirit, fully aware that the road to success won’t be easy. As in all things great, there will always be setbacks along the way, which are necessary in shaping us to be better and stronger. Equipped with purpose, discipline and grit, coupled with faith and the relentless support of loved ones, without a doubt in my mind I know anything is possible.



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