I wrote this about the same time last year and still find it as relevant as ever, especially after spending the last few days back home. So I thought I’d share it here, in case anyone finds it relatable.

Lessons I learned over the weekend :

1. Nothing compares to being home with family. There is always that warm feeling of comfort, familiarity and unconditional love that fills you up to your core.

2. My parents are not getting any younger, so is everybody else’s. Seeing my dad slouch, irritable and not as physically strong makes me brutally weak inside. There’s this compelling force within me that wants to just cradle him and if only I could give him all my youthful energy, I would.

3. Sometimes I wonder if I was as aware of life 10 years back when my parents were much stronger and vibrant. Then I would’ve been more selfless and giving of my time as I am now. But then again, I was at the verge of building my own life and I needed to go through whatever I went through to be as self aware and grounded about life as I am today.

4. Now more than ever, I am grateful for the time I am able to spend with them. I should be able to afford longer weeks by their side. Even if I go home regularly, weekends with them are never enough. On this note, not even a lifetime will ever be enough to give back to our parents for everything they’ve given us.

5. This puts time as the rarest most expensive commodity we have, or running out of, if we honestly think of it. So much we wish we could do, so many with whom we want to share life with, yet so little time. Given this reality, we should choose to spend time wisely with the people who truly matter the most.

6. Life is fleeting, time is finite. But life is meant to be that way. Otherwise how can we truly appreciate it in its full glory if it were endlessly available for us to ignore.

7. So is true for the people we choose to love – so value and nurture them. Tell them they matter, tell them you love them as often as you can, be generous of your time with them, and most of all, stay faithful and true to their worth in your life. Do it now, before it’s too late.

8. Afterall, life is meant to be shared through time, kindness, integrity and compassion. The more we give of our ourselves to our loved ones and to our greatest passions, the more we create meaning and fulfillment in this life.

Happy Tuesday!


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