One of the core principles that has always guided my work is simplification. I realized that if I am able to provide simplified training programs that allow easy yet meaningful execution for my clients, then I am able to truly add value to the careers and personal development of the people directly benefiting from what I do.

If the concept of simplification has been life changing in the corporate setup, I figured it should be with greater reason, reapplied in other relevant parts of our lives. Instead, with the height of E commerce, social media and online dating, our options have grown to be endless and overwhelming.

This digital phenomenon, although has its tremendous contributions to modern society, has however left us more lost, restless and disconnected than ever, when abused and misused. There’s always that feeling that we are never truly enough because there’s always someone who seems to be more than who we are, and there’s always something that seems better than what we already have.

As a result, it has sometimes become so hard to appreciate what’s right there in front of us – the simple things we need, the people who love us and the very face we see in the mirror. With our blurred sense of values, we forget who and what should matter. No wonder everyone feels so empty and meaningless these days.

How do we then effectively navigate our way through this digital age without losing ourselves? It starts by remembering our core values in life – what and who do we really value the most? This will help simplify all the clutter, drown out all the unnecessary noise and therefore leave us with only the fundamentals we absolutely need. That’s the very essence of simplification reapplied in real life.

So when it feels like you’re sinking, go back to your center – that place where your authentic self shines. And you’ll know the people you’ll want to keep in life, because they are those who will stick around, loving you even more especially at your worst. “The less I needed, the better I felt.” No one could’ve said it better than Charles Bukowski. It is the truth.

So let the quest for finding what “less” means for you in your own life, be your absolute purpose. Because that will define everything you’ll ever “need” to be truly happy.

Happy Tuesday!


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