Sweden, one of the happiest countries in the world, is famous for FIKA. It’s a Swedish culture that basically means “to have coffee”. But it isn’t just your usual quick coffee break. They put a lot more meaning into pausing once in a while through out our busy day, having a cup of coffee and dessert with friends and family, and really just living in that moment. The few times I’ve been to Sweden, FIKA is something I have learned to look forward to. And even in the Philippines, my Swedish boyfriend and I always make sure we incorporate it in our daily lives. I think it teaches us a valuable lesson – that pausing once in a while throughout our busy and sometimes stressful days, can do us more good. It reminds us to slow down and breathe a little, to look around and savor the moment, and to truly interact with the people around us whom we often take for granted due to the fastness of life. A simple tradition, yet a strong reminder to appreciate life at this very moment. So, shall we have a fika? 🙂

IMG_3373 2
So much character found in this cozy little spot.
IMG_3316 2
Global Living – One of the cutest little coffee shops in Västerås!




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