It was my first time in the famous San Francisco Bay Area and so like every eager tourist, I did almost everything touristy! 🙂 Most of the major attractions aren’t located far apart, hence a good 3 days is actually enough to appreciate this lovely city.

Also, location is key! If you are staying in a hotel or airbnb, key to exploring the city in the best most efficient way is by picking a location at the very heart of the city. In our case, we picked Grant Avenue in China Town, which allowed us to navigate around the city quite easily and stress free! The moment we stepped out from our hotel, we can already walk around to explore the gorgeous San Francisco streets.

So, here are my top recommendations on how to truly maximize your stay in SF. Enjoy! 🙂

  • San Francisco’s Famous Cable Cars – Another great way to enjoy the city aside from walking around, is by riding the iconic cable car. If you pick a good enough location for your hotel, you can simply walk to a nearby Walgreens to buy a whole day pass for about $20, or go straight to any pick up/ drop off point and ride one way for $7. This is the best way to wander fast through the city, experience the unique steep streets that really set SF apart, and just get to feel the locals’ way of life.
IMG_5016 2
The cable car driver, a Chinese man living in SF for over 20 years, volunteered to take my photo hehe =)
IMG_4744 2
Enjoyed my first cable car experience =)
  • Lombard Street – Now if you actually ride the cable car, one of its routes will take you right in front of the famous Lombard Street, or what is known to be the World’s Crookedest Street! Since we were lucky enough to be driving around with my aunt, we got to experience driving right through this very street! And for someone who drives on an almost daily basis, I would say it was quite the challenge. In fact, driving through the steep streets of SF is a unique experience altogether! 🙂
Famous house right in front of the world’s crookedest street! Loved the flower details!
  • Palace of Fine Arts – Aside from its history of housing famous art exhibitions, it is actually a favourite location for weddings and photo sessions. In fact, when we were there, we saw about 3 couples having their post wedding photos taken, and about 5 debutants having their birthday photo shoot. So I just had to join in and did a bit of photo shoot myself haha! :p
FullSizeRender 9
Gorgeous day for my mini photo shoot. =p
IMG_4553 2
Truly a dreamy spot for a wedding venue!
IMG_4519 2
Got lucky with the Spring weather too.
  • The Golden Gate – It is actually one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and the United States. Hence, your SF trip would not be complete without a visit to see the famous Golden Gate!
A bit of trivia: Before having my aunt and mom take this photo of me, I had about 10 groups of tourists asking me to take their photos. Shortly before that, I volunteered to take the photo of a family, and soon enough I realized everyone was lining up to have their photos taken! Quite funny but it felt good taking tourist shots of random people =) Should’ve charged a dollar per photo haha!
Taken by my cool aunt Tess =)
Little Miss Tourista! =)
  • The Twin Peaks – To have a 360 degree view of SF, head to the top of the Twin Peaks, which is about 1000 feet high above the city!
Another Trivia : They call it the Twin Peaks cos they kinda look like boobies =p
  • Union Square – Of course, what trip is complete without visiting the shopping centre and food district? Union Square is the city’s top spot for all your shopping and dining needs 🙂
FullSizeRender 12
Mom doing a blogger pose too! 🙂 Most favourite person in the world.
Really enjoyed hanging out at Union Square =)
Really enjoyed downtown SF!
FullSizeRender 13
Took this over lunch at Cheesecake Factory, overlooking Union Square =)
Every corner, so instagrammable!
  • China Town – One of the most legit China Town’s I’ve seen, felt almost like I was back in Hongkong. It is the oldest China Town in North America and truly houses the largest Chinese community outside of Asia.
Felt right at home in good ol’ china town.
Lots of Chinese restaurants and shops in every corner of this long stretch of road.

There you have it! And if you do find yourself in the gorgeous bay area, hope you find this article useful! 😉



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