Have you ever had one of those days where in you feel nothing but pure exhaustion, and you run out of every ounce of patience you’ve been painfully saving up, and you end up being this monster of a person – tired, angry and agitated?

I have. I think we all have, in one way or the other. And these so called bad days I believe, do not simply come out of thin air. They are a product of our daily frustrations that somehow pile up over time, and sadly get the best of us. The worst part is when we take it out on the people around us, our loved ones and the people we interact with. We lose kindness and compassion, despite us deliberately making the choice to be kind and compassionate. Simply because human as we are, we falter sometimes.

The past few months for me seemed like a tug of war of emotions between passion and the necessary, between chasing after my dreams versus what’s practical. And everyday has been a challenge and conscious effort to fully understand myself, to deliberately read the signs that the universe is telling me, and most importantly to keep making the best out of the uncertain.

I guess despite the daily dose of punches we take here and there, the best and only thing we can really do, is to keep pushing. Afterall, we owe it to ourselves to NOT give up, to keep moving forward with every ounce of positive energy we have left, and to consciously strive to draw strength and positivity from people who lift us up, and from experiences which shed light in the seemingly endless tunnel.

Life, in all its fullness and glory, is afterall wholly appreciated when we know what it means to be defeated, how it is to suffer and what it’s like to be broken. And only through the gift of ruin, can there ever be transformation. Let’s be kind to ourselves. Breathe. Forgive our own shortcomings. And know that there is always another day to be better.  Just keep at it, just keep it at. ☺️

XX, Cath



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