Before I officially start “blogging”, I figured why not write something about myself first. I am not exactly a household name, hence it’s more of a need really to share something about me. So here goes. ☺️

I am Cathrine Daghigh. That’s the short version of my rather long name, which I prefer not to confuse you with by simply keeping it as such. See, my father is Persian, hence the not so common family name. (The pronunciation of which is even more uncommon, I can assure you.) The other half of me is a mix of Chinese and Filipina. This fusion of cultural differences and beliefs I must say, is where my curiosity for the world primarily stems from.

Traveling, among other things, is my passion. When I was 20 years old (that would be exactly ten years ago and that was just me giving away my age), I started living on my own, hence my thirst for adventure and hunger to see more of the world sprung almost instantaneously. I went around the Philippines, backpacked around Europe at 22, Asia at 23 and just never stopped from there. I must say, it truly is character building and liberating to see the world in multiple perspectives. Most especially when you do travel alone, which I was quite fond of back then, before I met the love of my life. That however, I would have to park for some future writing material.

But you see, I do not travel for a living. (Even if I sincerely honest to goodness envy those who do.) I travel on every holiday or vacation leave I get my itchy feet on. (Which is exactly like right about now! I got a couple of weeks off from work, so here I am in Denmark trying to make mighty use of my time by kicking off this blog!  I will write about my Denmark experience pretty soon, so stay tuned guys!) Anyhow back to what I was initially saying — I am blessed nonetheless to be working full time for Procter & Gamble for over 9 years now. I must say, the people I work with are just about the most inspiring geniuses of our time, and most importantly have been my second family.

Fitness is my other love. I spent a significant time in my twenties training for marathons and triathlons and doing water sports on the side. While I have fully stopped racing, I have somehow managed to keep the lifestyle. Hand in hand with staying fit is of course my ongoing attempt to look quite decent.  I am in no way any fashion expert, but I believe in classic and timeless style. And just like what my first name stands for, which is “pure”- I am in love with the purity of anything white.

Having said all that, it goes without saying that balancing work, fitness, traveling, and most importantly time spent for loved ones, can be rather challenging. But it helps to know your priorities in life, what your non negotiables are, and what truly makes you happy – all these will help you decide what goes first over the other.

So that’s a bit of me for now. I sincerely hope I tickled your interests even just a tiny bit. Truly looking forward to sharing with you all of my travels, adventures, misadventures and everything in between; as I continue with this lifelong journey of seeing the world, always with passionate eyes and the heart to keep on learning – one plane ticket at a time.

XX, Cath

Admiring The Acropolis of Athens.
Exploring the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
The most amazing view of the Caldera in Santorini, Greece.


  1. Are you based in the Philippines. It’s inspiring to know how you can keep a corp job and yet get to travel since that’s what I’m striking a balance with too. Though its tempting to resign and do long term travel but I know it can still be done even working full time 🙂 Anyway excited to read your travel stories!

    1. Hi Abby, thanks for dropping by my website ? Yes, I am based in Manila PH, just on a short mini vacation now. I understand what you mean. It is still a challenge for me, even if I’ve been trying to balance work and travel for over 9 years now. It’s mostly give and take really. Sometimes I have to put traveling in the backseat when I know I am needed more at work, or when that time I was seriously training for triathlon/ marathon races, I hardly ever travelled because I trained all year round except for short rest periods. But it helps when you streamline your prioirities so you don’t end up spreading yourself too thinly. Over the years, I realized I cannot have it all, and so I gave up racing. Now, I balance lesser things, but these are the things I highly value at my age. I am sure you will too, find that balance for yourself. As long as you know the things you value the most in your life, you will be more than alright. ?

    1. Haha oh no I didn’t see it that way. You have a point and I’m blessed and thankful to do what I do. ?? I just thought how nice it would also be to get paid to see the world, don’t you think? ☺️ When your ultimate passion becomes a convenient source of livelihood? Some get to have that, and I just thought it’s worth aspiring for too. 🙂 Thanks Sarah for dropping by my blog and for the support! Truly appreciate it! ☺️ Your blog is really nice too, btw! ?

  2. For a time, I thought about starting a food blog. However, I don’t travel all that much and I eat mostly the same uninteresting things… So I dropped the idea. Aaaaaaand I don’t really know how to describe food properly. Yummy, sweet, salty, spicy, yucky, hot. Hahaha. Since describing food is not my forte, I decided to be okay with taking loads and loads of bad-quality food photos. How tragic. ?

    Congrats on your blog! I will wait for your Russia post since you’re more likely to go there than I. ?

    1. Awww I love looking at your food photos and I admire how much you can eat while keeping your super slim figure! ? You should totally go for it, Crystal! People love to hear REAL stuff! So do not be afraid if your food descriptions are not that all profound. The fact is – you know so much about food because you actually love to eat! And that already gives you enough credibility that you actually know what you’re writing about! Go for it, and you can count on me as an avid follower ☺️ Thank you for dropping by my website and for the support, really means so much to me! ❤️?

    1. Hi Tal! ☺️ Will work with Mathias on how to install a plugin for that. Once done, will let you know asap. Thank you, thank you for the support! ❤️ For your profile pic – you can try and signup. I think it’s free. Then provide the same email you are using now. You can associate more email adds with the same photo. Hope this helps. ?

  3. I don’t know how I got here. Well actually I do. Through a mutual work relation who is also a work relation of your current love interest. Anyhow, I have been traveling for both work and fun in 32 countries albeit not always for fun. Mostly for work. It’s fun to see you journey bring you in different places with different people and interests. You should try Eastern Europe also and if ever you happen to be in Hungary just let me know. You can stay in our house even if we are not there. We live in Manila (where I work now) for the last 3 years. Not sure where the future will bring us but the more cultures you meet and interact with the more you adapt and at lest for me, the more you don’t understand why people cannot live in peace next to each other. Anyhow, great appreciation for your life. Hope you stay happy.

    1. Hi! Sorry just got to this, didn’t get so much time to write the past 2 weeks. Thank you so much for dropping by my website! Appreciate your time and kind words! Yes, traveling is truly an amazing gift to see the world and meet so many amazing people along the way! I’ve made so many friends all over the world and to me that is such a blessing! =) Maybe my boyfriend knows you too? Hope you are liking it in Manila. Where are you originally from? Thank you for your offer, if we do get to Hungary, will let you know =)


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